The Team Behind BlackBeast Pro and their Upcoming Kickstarter Launch

The Team Behind BlackBeast Pro and their Upcoming Kickstarter Launch

Launching on Kickstarter early 2020

Launching on Kickstarter early 2020

The Team Behind BlackBeast Pro and their Upcoming Kickstarter Launch

Tobias Lagarhus

Tobias Lagarhus


Lagarhus Products

Lagarhus Products establish innovative state of the art solutions with supreme quality, top prior customers support to an acceptable price.

🇳🇴 Based in Norway

📅 Founded October 2018

🏆 3 Founders

💵 Monthly Revenue = NA

How Tobias Lagarhus, a 21 year old from Norway, started BlackBeast Pro, the world’s most powerful modular Thunderbolt dock and their upcoming Kickstarter!

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Who are you and tell us about BlackBeast Pro!

My name is Tobias Lagarhus and I am 21 years old from Norway. I have both theoretical and practical experience with product development, construction and implementation of industrial products.

Our upcoming product is an all-in-one Thunderbolt dock named “BlackBeast Pro” which delivers desktop class performance with full flexibility, all the ports you need to implement your workflow while charging your laptop simultaneously.

The team consists of a well functioning, dedicated team, combining the innovation, skills and experience of young, middle age and senior players. The result is a state of the art product at an acceptable price.

Walk us through the process of creating Black Beast Pro.

We launched a website to showcase our product and receive feedback from the community. So far it has been a success. We have designed the product ourselves, but with help from enthusiasts from the community we have been able to make a product which fits every workflow.

Our mission is to design and manufacture the product in Norway which can match the production price in other countries. We have been working closely with Norwegian manufactures to ensure short and efficient production lines. The result is a high end product manufactured by Norwegian standards with least environmental impact. 

Tell us about your Kickstarter campaign for BlackBeastPro.

We are launching an international crowdfunding early 2020 with help from the community, tech reviews and social media. We have created a heavy marketing strategy to maximize ROI. 

The development process will be working parallel with the crowdfunding, but we are completely dependent on the community to make BlackBeast Pro a reality.

What apps and tools are most important to your business?

Our most important tools are email marketing and capturing, social media, analytics and reviews. The tools are to build credibility and buzz to our product. 

What’s been the biggest business challenge you’ve overcome?

Our biggest challenge is yet to be announced. It has been very difficult to solve and critical for the product, but have opened doors we could have not imagined. This is what makes the BlackBeast Pro a real beast!

Do you have any advice for other entrepreneurs?

Never give up and stay tight. I have been rejected, but instead of leaving I was looking for feedback. Further on I did what they said and returned. It worked.

How are things today and what are your plans for the future of BlackBeast Pro?

Things are going very well and we have a great speed in the project. We are currently doing external testing with our prototype, developing the production unit, creating commercials and looking for business relations.

Where can we learn more about BlackBeast Pro?

You can learn more about our upcoming product here:

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