The Story of Adam Robinson and GetEmails, the world’s first Email-Based Retargeting Software

The Story of Adam Robinson and GetEmails, the world’s first Email-Based Retargeting Software

The Story of Adam Robinson and GetEmails, the world’s first Email-Based Retargeting Software

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Adam Robinson



We’ve created the world’s first Email-Based Retargeting Software that allows marketers to retarget their anonymous website traffic via their email inbox. Boom! 

🇺🇸  Austin, Texas

📅  2019

🏆 3 Founders

💵 Brand new company, already have several large Enterprise customers.

The story of GetEmails, the world’s first Email-Based Retargeting Software that allows you to retarget anonymous website traffic via their inbox.

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Who are you and tell us about GetEmails

I’m Adam, I’ve been creating new Email Marketing technologies for nearly 10 years. This is my 3rd project, with the first already doing millions in ARR.  I’m a unique startup founder because I’m not in SF, I don’t do many of the normal publicity things a startup founder does, shoot, I just created my AngelList profile this week, for GetEmails. I’m pretty lowkey, which I think the truly most successful people all are. I’m also unique because all of my companies have been bootstrapped to millions in ARR. We’ve never had to take on VC investment which has kept our decision-making process very pure and simple.

Unlike my other projects, GetEmails is unique because we’re creating a new category, Email-Based Retargeting and we’re confident that it will become a new standard for Marketers. GetEmails unique technology basically identifies up to 35% of your anonymous traffic from already opted-in third-party lists, then sends you their names, emails, home addresses and more so you can follow up and drive more revenue. It’s 100% CAN-SPAM compliant and bounce-free, and fully legal.

What this means for Marketers is that instead of having to retarget someone with expensive PPC ads, you can now get their email and passively convert them over time, for free. It’s a total gamechanger. Because of that we’re going fullsteam with the launch, we’ve even hired a rockstar growth hacker from SF (AndrewStartups, google him) as our Head of Growth. The team is about 5 people so far, most of us all founders and we’re really excited about it.

We’re a remote company so we’ve got team members from Argentina to Morocco and a typical day is all working autonomously to crush our goals for the week, and then we meet weekly to go over what we need to get done, and then we go off and do it. I’m here in Austin, and I look forward to having more of the team here in the future but it’s not necessary. All my companies have been remotely run and I’m really proud of that.


Tell us about the process of creating GetEmails.

Like I said this is our third project and Robly, our first endeavor is still going strong after 7 years so we’re pretty confident about building new products, but with GetEmails we really wanted to go big on this. We think this is a complete gamechanger for savvy marketers so we have an insanely sexy dashboard  and overall design that’s totally topshelf. We started by creating a tool that would actually get you the legal info from your visitors, then we built a seamless way for you to get it, effortlessly. We’re really happy with it.

Basically a GetEmails user just needs to drop a piece of code on their site, 30 seconds of work and then boom you’re going to get the info on up to 35% of your visitors, so you can follow up with them. The coolest thing is, you can put it on specific pages only if you want, so imagine you just want to get emails from people who visit your checkout pages, we never charge you for people who  are already in your database…so if they purchase, you’re in the clear, but if they bounce, you’ve now got a chance to win them back that you never had.

Marketing Strategy

How did you launch the business?

We’re actually launching this  week. We’ve been in Beta for a few months and we’ve already got some multimillion dollar brands successfully using the tool like and they love it. We built everything in house and we try to  do Marketing the same way, we were lucky to get Andrew on board to handle the Marketing, after I showed him the tool on his  own website, he was blown away. He has an online course that’s $1000 and he got the email address of a woman that was on his checkout page. He was able to email her and start a direct conversation with her. Because of that, he joined the team. His Marketing plan is very comprehensive, including  PR, Content Marketing, Paid Advertising, Social Media and more. We’re definitely confident in the launch that we’re going to get seen.

What are some of the most effective ways that you attract your customers and keep them engaged with your business?

For this business we’re  actually going to “dogfood” the product right in people’s faces which we’re really excited about. If you’re not familiar, the startup term “Dog Fooding” relates to the idea of eating your own dog food if you’re a dog food company…or basically using your own product. So with GetEmails we have all of these Marketing campaigns running and if you go to the website, and bounce,  you’re likely to get an email from us explaining how the tool works and offering you a free trial. Imagine that? Proving the product works right there. So stoked for this, because no one’s ever been able to do this before.

Which Apps/ Tools/ Platforms are most important to your business?

We’re using Amplitude to track events, Slack to chat as a team,  we use Fullstory to record user sessions on the new tool.

Final Thoughts

Where can we learn more about GetEmails?

Please sign up for a free trial of GetEmails and get your first 25 contacts of your site visitors on us at

You can also follow us at @usegetemails on your favorite social media.

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