The story of Nissar‌ ‌Ahamed‌ and his side hustle that makes $1,300 monthly

The story of Nissar‌ ‌Ahamed‌ and his side hustle that makes $1,300 monthly

👏 SideHustle

Nissar Ahamed

Nissar Ahamed


At, our mission is to be the primary destination for job-seekers and freelancers to find useful and actionable advice, resources & inspiration to start and grow their professional careers.  Our content reaches over 40000+ new visitors every month.

🇨🇦 Operating out of Toronto, Canada

📅  Founded June 2015

🏆 1 Founder

💵I am averaging $1300 every month using the following methods: Sponsored Posts, Display Ads (Google AdSense), Display Ads (EZoic)

How, a primary destination for job-seekers and freelancers to find advice, was started and how this side hustle makes $1300 a month.

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What’s your side hustle?

How did you come up with the idea for your side hustle

Side Hustle Marketing Strategy

How do you drive traffic to your website?


How do you monetize the site?

Final Thoughts

What are your favorite resources?

What are your plans for the future of your side hustle?

Do you have any advice for other side hustlers looking to do something similar?

Where can we learn more?


What’s your side hustle?

My name is Nissar Ahamed, and I am a full-time content marketer.

I spend most of my time creating and editing content for my clients.

In my part-time i.e, evenings, weekends or whatever chance I have – I run is an online/digital publication geared towards job seekers and freelancers helping them find useful and actionable advice that they can use to find new roles and also grow their careers.

I started in June 2015, as a personal blog to share my ideas and experience as a successful job seeker with others. All I wanted to do was to share ideas on how other job seekers can use some of the strategies that I had learned & implemented and speed up their job search.

Since then it has grown from a single-blogger (myself) to a network of contributors & columnists that publishes articles, insights, and advice to help job seekers and freelancers. 

Today, our community of guest contributors and columnists (more than 1250) have published over 2750 unique articles.

I spend about 10-15 hours a week on this side-hustle, and I currently do all the heavy-lifting which includes marketing, community management, social media, editing, publishing, podcasting, PR, etc.

At this point, I do not have any employees, but that could change as the business picks up steam.

How did you come up with the idea for your side hustle

In my early 20s, I struggled like most young professionals with the same career challenges – how to find new jobs, how to ask for a raise, how to get promoted, etc.

Whenever I had to get a new job I had to do tons of research – books, blogs, videos,etc. I also invested heavily in self-development. At one point, I also hired a career coach and have paid over $2000 in coaching. 

Then, I started applying all these ideas and my job search became successful.

I was able to reduce my time to get a job down to 4-6 weeks (and there was a science behind it). At one point, I also managed to get 15% from one of my employers.

In 2015, I started blogging about all these ideas, and I also launched a podcast in 2016. Since then I have managed to grow this into a thriving publication to help others to be more successful in their career journeys.

Side Hustle Marketing Strategy

How do you drive traffic to your website?

About 70-75% of my traffic comes from Google (Organic Search).

I think it is mainly due to the volume of articles we have on the site. We have over 2750+ articles over 50 different topics. 

I use WordPress for my CMS (content management systems), and also am actively optimizing each content for SEO.

All the efforts have started to pay off. Today, most of my traffic and revenue are due to my past inbound efforts.

I haven’t had much success with social media – so I decided not to invest much time there.

I have spent $0 on ads to drive traffic. I don’t think paid media is a viable solution for a business like mine.

I have used tons of cold emails to help get me to my first 500 guest contributors. 

I have also used emails for content creation and promotion. Most of my emails generate a reply rate of 20% (mainly because they are personalized) and have been instrumental in my business’s growth.


Walk us through your side hustle monetization?

Most of the revenue is from advertising partners or clients who want to place sponsored or native ads. They find me through Google Search. 

So most of my business development so far has been inbound.

I also have started monetizing using display ads – Google AdSense and more recently EZoic.

It took me 11 months to start monetizing my website. I still remember the first $10 I made on May 10, 2016. It was the happiest $10 I ever made. 

Then the money started coming in every month and has grown modestly ever since. I realized that I am on the right path and the actions I have taken have helped me get here.

If you are wondering why did it take that long?

There are many reasons for that.

It was a hobby at first, and I had no idea how to monetize. I was doing it because I had so much fun creating content and growing the publication. 

I also did not optimize the site for SEO in the first 10 months. Short answer- I was mostly clueless :). 

I currently average about $1300 in monthly revenue, and all of that is part-time.

Knowing what I now know – it will take me 2-3 months to monetize a site if I were to start over – but I savor the journey and have enjoyed it thus far.

Final Thoughts

What are your favorite resources?

I am a big fan of Neil Patel and Brian Dean; I read each of their blog posts and podcast interviews. Most of what I have learned is from reading their stuff and implementing it.

For books – I love and recommend all of Joe Pulizzi’s and Dan Norris’s books.

For podcasts, I would recommend Eric Siu’s Growth Everywhere and Nathan Latka’s The Top In my experience these are the best for online/SaaS entrepreneurs. 

I am also an active member of a Facebook group called “The Content Marketing Lounge”.

What are your plans for the future of your side hustle?

As soon as I hit the $5000 monthly revenue point, I will make my full-time focus. 

At this point, I don’t have plans to sell my side-hustle. 

As it grows and gains more traction, I could raise money through angel investors and venture capitalists. Then, I must sell a stake in the company to help grow.

Overall things are good. The site is relatively low maintenance. I am getting a steady stream of contributors, articles, and revenue. I know if I spend more time I can generate more revenue.

There are a few things I can do to make it more optimal – conversion optimization, link building, PR, SEO, outsourcing, etc.

Do you have any advice for other side hustlers looking to do something similar?


Start a side hustle today. 

Don’t wait, don’t hesitate and do it now!

You never know where it can take you. 

My side-hustle helped me pivot from a sales career to a high-paying marketing job in less than 3 years. 

I then decided to quit that marketing job, take the self-employment route and became a freelancer. 

If it was not for my side-hustle (and it still is) I would not be where I am personally and professionally.

Do not start with the sole intention of making money. 

Initially, make learning and creating something your sole focus. The money will come faster. 

Just get started!!

Where can we learn more?

You can find out more about us at

Check us out and let us know what you think of the content there. We are always looking for ways to optimize and improve, and would value your feedback!

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