👏 Kickstarter Marketing Services

👏 Kickstarter Marketing Services

We interviewed the best Agencies, PR Firms, Newsletters, consultants and social media companies providing marketing services for Kickstarter campaigns.

We interviewed the best Agencies, PR Firms, Newsletters, consultants and social media companies providing marketing services for Kickstarter campaigns.

If you are preparing to launch a Kickstarter or just launched and have thought about trying some kickstarter marketing services to help spread the word and increase sales for your campaign, you’ve come to the right place. 

Whether you are in the pre-launch phase, just launched or your campaign is coming to a close and you’re looking to ride the wave and raise as much funds as possible, you’ve come to the right place.

We interviewed the Founders and CEOs of some of the top Kickstarter firms all over the world! In these interviews they give a bit of personal background and discuss the types of services they provide, who their ideal clients are in terms of vertical and campaign goals, and finally share some general Kickstarter campaign tips. Many of the Kickstarter campaign creators we’ve interviewed have also worked with these companies as well.

These kickstarter companies specialize in a wide range of different services including newsletter and social media promotions, influencers and affiliates, paid ads, press releases, blog reviews, video creation, Kickstarter page design, consulting, e-commerce marketing and more. 

If you need help choosing the best services to help market your kickstarter campaign, you can can fill out our quick survey here and I’ll reach out to directly to discuss further. 

Gadget Flow

Gadget Flow reaches 30,000,000 people a month and has worked with over 4,000 crowdfunding campaigns. They offer native advertising packages in the form of featured placements, newsletter posts, social media and they also offer unboxing services. You can submit your product  and check out the different placement options here!

Evan Varsamis, Founder and CEO of Gadget Flow, has been observing the crowdfunding market for the last 7 years and has seen many trends come and go. He has worked as a consultant on hundreds of campaigns and offers this service on his personal website at evanvarsamis.com 

You can learn more about Gadget Flow on their website  or you can check out our interview with Evan Varsamis, their CEO and Founder. They also have a podcast that is a great resource for creators.


BoostYourCampaign is a full service commission based agency providing a range of kickstarter marketing services including landing page design, press releases, influencers, Facebook ads and more. They even pay for Facebook ads through your campaign upfront and then take their cut at the end of the campaign and they are also one of the few kickstarter agencies that offers influencer marketing as a service.

They have a massive return backer database as well as a pixel audience from all the campaigns and influencers they’ve worked with which helps them to run high converting newsletters and targeted ad campaigns. They also manage about a $15,000,000 ad budget annually between their crowdfunding and e-commerce clients.

BoostYourCampaign has several offices around the world and are open to working with everyone. They also have connections with many major media outlets and niche specific blogs and magazines.

You can learn more about BoostYourCampaign here or you can check out our interview with them for some more information.


ProductHype showcases the best new products on Earth in an absurdly unique way and their main driver of sales for Kickstarter campaigns is their weekly newsletter called The HypeSquad. They only feature 5 stories a week but their main differentiation is that they are uniquely written and entertaining. The philosophy here is if you don’t care about what you’re selling and you don’t write compelling copy, nobody is going to click.

Right now they tend to focus on larger campaigns looking to maximize their funding and campaigns that have raised at least $100k tend to do exceptionally well. Typically they drive 2,000-4,000 visitors to a campaign from a single newsletter feature and on larger campaigns they routinely track $20-40k in sales.

You can learn more about ProductHype on their website  or you can check out our interview with them to learn more about their crowdfunding newsletter services and their advice for Kickstarter campaigns.

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