The Story of the Pixel Wallet on Kickstarter

The Story of the Pixel Wallet on Kickstarter


Simon Mazerolle & Katherine Martel

Simon Mazerolle & Katherine Martel


Maze Design

Designing everyday objects to enrich people’s lives is what we are focused on at Maze Design. We design products that put the user first and help promote sustainability, community engagement and local production with respect to our planet and with tomorrow in mind. 

🇨🇦 Montreal, Canada

📅  2019

🏆 2 Founders

💵 Kickstarter in progress, Hoping to raise $3k

How Simon Mazerolle & Katherine Martel, co-founders of Maze Design, created the Pixel wallet and some tips from their Kickstarter marketing strategy.

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Who are you and what business did you start?

We are Simon Mazerolle and Katherine Martel, a couple of entrepreneurs located in Montreal, Canada. We started Maze Design as a platform to launch great products that are sustainable and innovative. Our first product is the Pixel Wallet, a 100% customizable minimalist wallet responsibly made of quality materials in Canada.


Tell us about the process of creating your products.

The idea behind Pixel Wallet came when I (Simon) challenged myself in creating a new wallet to replace my old failing one. I went through half a dozen designs before settling with the slim form factor and the pull-down mechanism to access the cards. I wanted my wallet to have my most used cards easily accessible and the others not too difficult to access and find. With my final design in mind, I made some 3D printed prototypes to test the solidity of the product and created a final version by laser cutting plastic sheets and sewing the finished product together.

All of that happened in my final year in Product Design School and I had an opportunity to sell my design in the school holiday fair. I then went on refining the design and manufactured 50 wallets by laser cutting sheets of plywood and acrylics and sewing the parts myself. I sold out of all the wallets I had prepared for the events in a matter of hours, so I began to think about building a business out of it and started prepping to launch a Kickstarter campaign.

For the Kickstarter campaign, I teamed up with my partner Katherine and decided to create an even more refined version of our wallet. We selected better materials and custom-ordered sheets of plywood made of Canadian maple and walnut. We even went ahead and designed a limited edition wallet made of two slates of aerospace-grade titanium, for a truly premium accessory.

Kickstarter Marketing Strategy

Marketing before Kickstarter

Walk us through your pre-launch marketing...

We launched our Kickstarter campaign on November 20th at 1:00 PM EST. We were very excited to launch since we had been working on getting the word out about our product for about 2-3 weeks before our launch. We advertised on Facebook and Instagram through Facebook Business Manager and build a pretty hefty mailing list. 

Katherine (one of the founders) works as a digital marketing specialist, so she was able to set everything up, determine audience, channels and manage online social presence. Once we launch, it was game time! We had a list of subreddits we wanted to spread the word on, a few blogs and websites we wanted to submit our project too, and personals groups of friends, family and colleagues we share our project with. 

We followed an online course on email marketing since neither of us knew how to manage that aspect of our crowdfunding campaign.

Kickstarter Advertising

Did you do any advertising for your Kickstarter?

While the campaign was live and running, we continue paid ads to advertise with a lower daily budget. We continued to advertise only on Facebook and Instagram since they seem to work the best for other Kickstarter creators. 

We optimize our ad sets during that period to allow maximum reach. In the beginning, we had over 21 different ad sets (10 difference audiences for both the US and Canada and one Retargeting ad set). After optimization, we are now running with 9 ad sets. We also just started working with a PR firm to get our project into different publications around the US and Canada. We cannot comment much on it at the moment since it hasn’t fully started yet.

Final Thoughts

Do you have any advice for other entrepreneurs about Kickstarter?

Don’t be afraid to launch. 

We were very excited and anxious before launching. As perfectionists, we wanted everything about our campaign to be perfect, but realistically it’s never gonna be perfect. We were pushing back our launch date because we were afraid to fail. What if we fail? Well, we realize that if we fail, at least it would mean we gave it all we could. And at the end of the day, that’s what’s important to us. 

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. I realize we don’t all have the monetary means to hire marketing agencies, and graphics designers and whatnots to help with your campaign, but they’re a lot of nice tools and blogs out there with free resources to help you out. We particularly loved subreddits r/crowdfunding and r/kickstarter and also for very interesting blog articles about Kickstarter marketing. 

We truly believe that having the right team to help you build an awesome campaign makes the world of a difference. And don’t hesitate to reach out within your community to see if people know freelancers or friends that could lend a hand to your project. 

How are things today and what are your plans for the future?

We’ve reached over 200% of our campaign’s goal and are very excited to see what’s next! We are already working on creating our next products, but we can’t share many details as of right now. 

Our main priority right now is finishing our Kickstarter campaign strong, rolling over on Indiegogo until our main website is ready to launch. Since we offer a lot of customization options, we want to take the time to design a very user-friendly platform that will make shopping a breeze for our customers. 

Where can we learn more?

You can learn more about us and our business on our website and also on our Kickstarter page. You can connect with us on Instagram and Facebook, or send us an email at

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