The Story of Abigail Miller and Space Bunnies on Indiegogo

The Story of Abigail Miller and Space Bunnies on Indiegogo

Launched on Indiegogo

Abigail Miller

Abigail Miller

Independent Developer

🇺🇸 Based in Dayton, Ohio

Right now I am working as and I.T. professional, but work on game development in the evenings and weekends.

Link to Indiegogo

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Who are you and what game did you create?

I am, like many others, just someone who is curious and excited to learn and create. I see the world in my own unique way and want to capture the bits and pieces of joy I find to share them with others. Video games are the ideal medium because unlike books that cause you to imagine an experience, and movies that immerse you in an experience, video games force you to participate in that experience. You are no longer a passive viewer, but an actor in the world.

I am Abigail Miller, this particular creation is dubbed “Space Bunnies.” It is a prototype creation that due to positive feedback I am motivated to continue developing but also to gather a community to follow my work so I can more effectively learn through the process and better share the product.

This project started like many others, on a whim with a few quick sketches which would later help define the whole comprehensive project.

Space Bunnies is a rogue-like survival game with a randomly generated world and planets with generated encounters. The primary goal is to collect resources and stay alive, while handling alien species relations and managing a small crew.

Walk us through the process of creating the game.

I start with a single idea or a question, and as time passes it spirals into more robust concepts and then eventually becomes a playable experience. There isn’t one particular order of whether I create the models and then the scripts and then the music, it is a process of tweaking, debugging, and learning along the way.

Because I enjoy graphics so much, I have spent a lot of time practicing making 3D meshes in Blender, and it has an (admittedly not very robust) game engine which has been both convenient and understandable enough for me to use to compile Space Bunnies as well as a number of my other projects.

How did you launch?

I currently have a prototype, and I am continuing development over the duration of 1/2020 to 3/2020. At the end of the campaign I will be publicly providing an executable with all the completed features. I do not plan to directly sell this game, but people may choose to support the process by donating and gaining input on design choices.

What are some of the most effective ways that you attract people to your game?

I hope that in actuality I don’t have to attract anyone except by the content of my creation. It’s not so much a matter of attracting people as much as connecting with people. I am still learning effective ways to connect with people, and I’m not active in a vast number of communities. I have been trying to branch out by becoming more active in more of the popular sides of the internet, and take advice from people who possess the repertoire that I lack.

What are your sources of inspiration?

A lot of my work, I believe, is inspired by the many classic Disney films for children. Then secondarily, there are many video games and a large variety of board games I have enjoyed that I have tried to integrate concepts in my work. I also just soak up experiences and perceptions from my daily life, and it influences what sort of experience I want my audience to enjoy.

What’s been the biggest business challenge you’ve overcome?

My biggest challenge has been seeing and treating my work as a responsibility rather than a hobby. It has been easy for me to create something complicated and only leave it ⅘ complete since I never consider the possibility of having a large audience or migrating the game to a platform. I am trying to actively take my creations more seriously and develop them in mind for a larger purpose.

Do you have any advice for other entrepreneurs or game creators?

Go. Do. Learn. Create. Don’t wait until you’re in school, or have the right team, or the right resources. You can’t create something without putting the effort into it. Start early if possible. Make goals and then work to reach them. There are a lot of dreamers, but not enough doers in the world.

How are things today and what are your plans for the future?

I have just launched my campaign, and hope to continue to raise interest and participation in my project until I return to scripting and development the first month of 2020. I will be posting on social media about the development process along the way.

Where can we learn more?

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