The Story of Tio Špicar and Survivaland

The Story of Tio Špicar and Survivaland

Game Story

Tio Špicar

Tio Špicar


It’s a 3D adventure puzzle game, puzzles and riddles will guide you through story and adventure.

🇱🇹 Croatia

📅 Founded October 2019

🏆 1 Founder

💵 Monthly Revenue = NA 

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Who are you and what game did you create?

Hi, my name is Tio Špicar. I’m 18 years old high school student passioned about games. I am programming for about 7 years now. In past I made couple smaller android and PC games, mostly during game jams, and few months ago decided that I am ready to give a shot to my first biggest and commercial project. Survivaland was inspired by many games like No Man’s Sky, Slime Rancher, Fortnite but mostly by the recent game Supraland. I really liked that puzzle game genre and stylized graphics, so I took a pen and a paper and start sketching.

After intense brainstorming I came up with the title and some basic story about space traveler that will crash on some unknown planet and have to survive there. Also that’s where the title is coming from: Survive + Land = Survivaland. During summer I was working about 3 or 4 hours prety much every day, but since the school now started I don’t have a lot of time and I am applying for the college this year so I am working here and there as much as I can. This “working” was from the beginning mostly just watching Brackey’s videos and learning, but once you get into that it become easy and smooth.

I’m not making any specific type of the games, actually I would like to try making as many types of games as possible. It slowly start to be boring working on the same game for months and years, trust me I know, especially when you are working alone like I do and have to do everything, from graphics, modeling, coding, music, sounds, promotion…

Walk us through the process of creating Survivaland.

To make a game you first need an idea, in my opinion that’s the most important step in making game, because no matter how good it looks like, if idea is bad and boring no one will play it. After you got the idea you should start plannqing things like which engine will you use, for which platform are you building a game, graphics style, how long will it take you to finish the game and so on.

I have created several games before, for android and PC. First game I ever made using Unity was Gravity cube and I published it on Google Play Store. I also took a part in some game jams. Game jam is competition for game enthusiasts where you are given a theme and you have one week, three days or so to make a game from scratch. You can play my games I made for game jams on this link: think beside they are fun you learn a lot from game jams and you have opportunity to connect with other game developers.

Where are you at in terms of launch?

I haven’t yet launched my game, Im not nearly close to the launch, but I hope I will be some day. I am planning to launch it on steam and If I will have time I will make my website. Before launching I hope I will be able to promote my game through some blogs, interviews, videos or whatever I could. Promotion is the most important thing and it affects on your sales a lot.

What are some of the most effective ways that you attract people to your game?

I have a youtube channel with about 200 subscribers and I am posting frequent devlog videos and some tutoritals and speed modeling videos. Devlog is development vlog where creator is showcasing how did he spent day or week developing his game. Beside youtube I am also posting short updates on reddit and this is where I attract most people. I also have a discord server where I am posting some pictures of progress and twitter profile with about 25 followers.

What are your sources of inspiration?

My primary sources of inspiration is art. I think making a game is like an art. Only limitation is your imagination. And you just need to know how to transfer it from your head in the computer. To build a community and start my channel I was inspired by some great youtubers like Thin Matrix and Dani. They are great example of successful indie game developers that started on their own. Life would be extremely monotone if I would do only game development and for me music is very important thing in my life, honestly I don’t know now how would I make anything without it.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve overcome so far creating Survivaland?

I wouldn’t really call it business challenge, but It was hard for me to start promoting my game and posting updates. I was really afraid to start a youtube channel because I was afraid what others will think, but I knew it was very important thing to do if I want to grew the community. There was no other solution for that than just do it. My first videos was very bad, but I kept going.

Do you have any advice for other entrepreneurs or game creators?

Be very creative. Try a lot new things and see what works for you. If you are not creative your game won’t be either and that will reflect on people that you might expect would play your game.

If it’s your first time making some bigger game, be patient. You might think you will finish it in quickly but as you make progress you will see it will actually take you way longer than you first thought.

When making a game you will face a lot of obstacles on every step, so you have to be persistent. Stick to the problem and don’t give up no matter how hard it is.

Plan as much as you can. Planning is a great way, especially at the beginning, to stay continuous. You will be able to track your progress and you will see that you are actually going somewhere. There are some websites that can help you planning, like Trello, that I am using.

How are things today and what are your plans for the future?

Currently I have no monthly income. I am planning to grow my community, especially youtube channel, and continue working on my game. I would also like to create my own website and open a patreon profile.

Where can we learn more?

You can track my progress and watch some tutorials on my channel:

Join my discord server where you can talk with other game developers:


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